Terrific Tansy Beetles

As June is the month of 30 Days Wild it feels only appropriate to dedicate my first craft based post back after a long hiatus, to one of my favourite insects here in the UK, the tansy beetle. I love these little jewelled insects so much, and while I've not had the chance to spot … Continue reading Terrific Tansy Beetles


30 Days Wild: Days 27 – 30 (The Final Round-Up)

With this post going live 30 Days Wild officially comes to an end for me, and while it's been an odd month for me personally, having this challenge to look forward to and work on each day has been great fun and the amazing variety of plants, insects and birds I've seen has been brilliant. … Continue reading 30 Days Wild: Days 27 – 30 (The Final Round-Up)

The Golden Hour

There is something magical about the 'golden hour'. That inbetween time when the sun is just starting to set, the birds are still singing in their trees as dusk descends, and the evening is still sultry and warm. I was out a few nights ago and passing by the fields that surround the local town … Continue reading The Golden Hour

Masters Of The Sky

Nothing screams summer to me more than seagulls circling the clouds, soaring on the warm, summer thermals, wheeling, diving and generally owning the skies around town. The photos in the collage above were all taken while I was out around sunset and I was watching the seagulls fighting over food they'd found, chasing eachother through … Continue reading Masters Of The Sky