A Pop of Colour

Workington Port has recently had an injection of colour in the shape of these stunning, bright red geraniums which have appeared along the railing that borders the water's edge. Mum pointed these out to me as I didn't know what flowers these were and I immediately got my camera out to get some photos. It … Continue reading A Pop of Colour

Scenes of Summer

Over the past week the UK has been bathing in a gorgeous but sweltering heatwave. Up here in the Lake District the humidity in the air created near rainforest conditions, especially up in the forested areas near Whinlatter and Dodd Wood, while along the coastline it's been bright sunshine and blue skies with just the … Continue reading Scenes of Summer

Meadow Bright

Wildflower meadows come to life during the springtime, but as the grass grows and we move into summer they take on a charm all of their own as many of the flowers begin to die off and the grasses take over. While I adore visiting these types of fields when they're in full bloom, my … Continue reading Meadow Bright

Lilacs In Bloom

It has finally come to that time of the year when the lilac tree has finally bloomed! I always get excited about this because as soon as the first few blooms appear on the tree I know that spring and therefore summer are not far away, and with spring being my favourite season, it's always … Continue reading Lilacs In Bloom

Lilac Blooms

The first few lilac flowers have just started blooming outside and when this happens I know it won't be long before those sultry summer evenings are here. Thinking back to last year I loved wandering out into the garden, listening to the birds singing and watching the sun set while standing beneath this very lilac … Continue reading Lilac Blooms