The Colour Of Christmas

Poinsettias personify Christmas for me. Their beautiful rich, warm red leaves, and the dark, emerald green shades of the foliage surrounding them are so perfectly comforting and festive, that I can't go a single year without buying an annual poinsettia come December. There is something both uplifting and welcoming about seeing this bright plant on … Continue reading The Colour Of Christmas


Autumn’s Last Few Moments

November for me always signifies the final few weeks of autumn, before winter truly arrives and the heady rush of excitement that Christmas brings comes tumbling into all of our lives like a rush of cold air. I both love and hesitate around this time of year. Part of me is wanting to wrap everything … Continue reading Autumn’s Last Few Moments

Golden October

This time of year always sees stronger winds, rainy mornings and clouds on the horizon, which is fine. As someone who could easily spend hours talking about the weather (I blame the geographer in me) this time of year is always full of lots of interesting weather changes. The recent 'red sun phenomenon' being one … Continue reading Golden October