Misty Lakeside Scenes

The weather here in the Lakes has been decidedly cool and wet, but even amongst these grey days, there is beauty to be found. I love it when the lakes in the central areas of Cumbria are clothed in mist, both eerie and pretty, it always frames the mountains and the surrounding trees beautifully. I … Continue reading Misty Lakeside Scenes


Golden October

This time of year always sees stronger winds, rainy mornings and clouds on the horizon, which is fine. As someone who could easily spend hours talking about the weather (I blame the geographer in me) this time of year is always full of lots of interesting weather changes. The recent 'red sun phenomenon' being one … Continue reading Golden October

October Raindrops

October often brings with it those chilly mornings, and fresh dewdrops on the ground. One of my favourite things about this time of year is after a particularly rainy day, there will always be raindrops lining the clothesline, silhouetted against the sky and I just find it so pretty. There's something lovely and even calming … Continue reading October Raindrops