The Little Paper Dragonfly

First of all I have to apologies for the radio silence over here again this past fortnight. We had a bit of a family emergency but things seem to be settling now, so hopefully the rest of March will go a bit more smoothly! It feels like it has been an age since I've sat … Continue reading The Little Paper Dragonfly


A Crafty Halloween!

For today's craft themed post I thought it was only fair that I shared a few of the last minute creations I've found or come up with, to not only spread the Halloween joy but also to provide you all with some ideas for last minute decorations if you need them! I can't believe that … Continue reading A Crafty Halloween!

Paper Beetles!

My current favourite thing to make are these origami/paper beetles. I've been wanting to make some more bugs for a while now, after I first made the little bee which you can see in the header image above, and when I searched for some new tutorials online I found a whole treasure trove of them! … Continue reading Paper Beetles!