One Final Summer’s Bloom

Now that autumn is finally here and the nights are slowly closing in, the garden is also bidding farewell to the summer, but not without a final flourish! These adorable, bright yellow teddy bear helianthus (a part of the sunflower family) bloomed about a week ago and are still going strong despite the recent rough … Continue reading One Final Summer’s Bloom


A Floral Affair

IMPORTANT UPDATE: (26/08/2017) Unfortunately I need to take some time away from blogging due to my own health at the moment. I am struggling with things, but have been trying to persevere¬†and push through, however this is starting to become difficult to do on my own, so I may be gone for a few weeks … Continue reading A Floral Affair

Meadow Bright

Wildflower meadows come to life during the springtime, but as the grass grows and we move into summer they take on a charm all of their own as many of the flowers begin to die off and the grasses take over. While I adore visiting these types of fields when they're in full bloom, my … Continue reading Meadow Bright

Lilacs In Bloom

It has finally come to that time of the year when the lilac tree has finally bloomed! I always get excited about this because as soon as the first few blooms appear on the tree I know that spring and therefore summer are not far away, and with spring being my favourite season, it's always … Continue reading Lilacs In Bloom