The Little Paper Dragonfly

First of all I have to apologies for the radio silence over here again this past fortnight. We had a bit of a family emergency but things seem to be settling now, so hopefully the rest of March will go a bit more smoothly! It feels like it has been an age since I've sat … Continue reading The Little Paper Dragonfly


Delicate In White & Green

For many the arrival of spring can be heralded by the delicate swathes of snowdrops that begin to gently carpet the surrounding verges of roads and borders of gardens, and this is no different for myself. As soon as I notice the first few dainty snowdrops I know that spring isn't too far away, and … Continue reading Delicate In White & Green

A New Dawn

It feels like it has been an age since I last sat down to paint, take photos and type out a blog post, and for that I am very sorry! I want to thank everyone for being so patient with me here, but after the rush of Christmas and the New Year starting I decided … Continue reading A New Dawn