Bathed In Gold Light

The view from my window is a good one. It stretches out over the village and even allows me to glimpse the coastline, and when the sun begins to set it lights the surrounding trees and houses up with golden light, and the weekend just gone was no exception for that. I love how all … Continue reading Bathed In Gold Light


Fiery August Skies

August is finally here and with it have come some stunning sunsets, and one in particular last week was spectacular. It had been a fairly inconsistent day weather-wise, with sunshine one minute, before a few showers, followed by stormy skies! Come the evening time, this spectacular cloud had rolled over the horizon as the sun … Continue reading Fiery August Skies

27 Photos.

I am officially 27! I love birthdays. Not just in the sense that it's a day you can indulge yourself a little bit and have fun, but in the sense that it's a new beginning. With each birthday comes a renewed sense of self for me, a little like how I feel around New Year, … Continue reading 27 Photos.