December Frosts

It's been exceptionally cold here in the Lake District over the past few days, and while most of the rest of the UK has seen some snow, here on the coast I've only glimpsed the white peaks of the mountains further inland. I think the effect of the sea means we only get a few … Continue reading December Frosts


Joyful Moments: November.

The year is slowly but surely drawing to a close, and for the first time in a long while I am feeling much better in myself. I've come into December feeling happy, healthy and ready to tackle my huge, long list of things that I always want to do before the year is out, so … Continue reading Joyful Moments: November.

Winter Sun

Early winter mornings are often the hardest for most. They can be cold, dark and not as inviting as the warm, summer mornings that have gone before. However, sometimes you wake to see a gentle sunrise on the horizon, pale blue skies stretching out ahead of you and the hint of some sun overhead. Mornings … Continue reading Winter Sun