Terrific Tansy Beetles

As June is the month of 30 Days Wild it feels only appropriate to dedicate my first craft based post back after a long hiatus, to one of my favourite insects here in the UK, the tansy beetle. I love these little jewelled insects so much, and while I’ve not had the chance to spot one out in the wild yet, I love seeing photos from those who have. They have a beautiful, iridescent carapace which seems to shine up in deep blues, teals, greens, golds and reds in the sun, so I wanted to try and capture that in a quick watercolour for today’s post!

beetle for blog2

One of my favourite things about these creatures is the myth that the wing cases of these beautiful beetles were so admired by Victorians, that they were used as sequins.

beetle for blog3

These little beetles are unfortunately endangered and very rare, not just here in the UK but across their range all over the world, so it’s important we keep up conservation efforts to ensure these little beauties stay around for as long as possible, and you can find out more about these lovely little beetles via Buglife. The flower I added in for this little cutie is the tansy flower, which have large flower heads which look like giant, yellow pom poms to me. These pretty plants are the ones which tansy beetles mainly eat and complete their life cycle on and around this plant.

I love these little beetles and I hope through our efforts we can see them bounce back from the brink, because they are lovely.

Linking up with the lovely Sarah for Make It Monthly #18!

I’m still very behind with things but I am hoping to sit down tomorrow to catch up with comments and everyone here, so please just bear with me.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely start to the week.




8 thoughts on “Terrific Tansy Beetles

  1. lostvestige says:

    I’ve never heard of these beetles but they do sound quite interesting. I saw a really bright blue beetle flying around my garden the other day, I tried to get a picture but it was too quick. I hope you are able to see one of these Tansy beetles in the wild some day!


  2. Tracy Terry says:

    Whilst I can’t say I’m as enamoured with these things as you are, I still feel heart-sick to think they are in decline, that they have become endangered. Lovely water colour, thank you for sharing.


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