A Springtime Sunset

Spring is officially here, and with it comes those beautiful sunsets that seem to turn the sky into a painting. Last week saw one of these such sunsets, and I loved seeing the myriad of colours behind the trees (still leafless, but pretty) as the sun dipped below the horizon. It helped that the breeze … Continue reading A Springtime Sunset


A Warren of Paper Rabbits!

With Easter literally just around the corner I thought it was only fitting that I make some adorable origami rabbits in celebration of this time of year! I followed this brilliant tutorial from Mica's Paper Craft Channels here. I love the way these turned out and they were the perfect way to start this week … Continue reading A Warren of Paper Rabbits!

An Icy View

The weather up here in the Lake District has slowly been warming, and while it is still ever so slightly chilly, and the surrounding vegetation still looks decidedly wintry - signs of spring are popping up all over. However, rewind a couple of weeks ago and you would have thought we'd have just been plunged … Continue reading An Icy View