Winter Sun

DSCN5538 DSCN5541

Early winter mornings are often the hardest for most. They can be cold, dark and not as inviting as the warm, summer mornings that have gone before. However, sometimes you wake to see a gentle sunrise on the horizon, pale blue skies stretching out ahead of you and the hint of some sun overhead. Mornings like these are worth treasuring during the colder months, so whenever a day starts like the one I took these photos on, I love to stop, take a moment and enjoy the stillness before the day begins. Here’s hoping some of that stillness finds it’s way into everyone’s Wednesday today.

Linking up with Sue for (Almost) Wordless Wednesday today.

Hope you all have a calming day.





15 thoughts on “Winter Sun

    • Natasha says:

      Oh no! We’ve had a fair few of those days here too so hopefully the sun finds it’s way to you soon John, or at least a little bit of snow for that festive feeling!


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