Joyful Moments: December

It seems like only yesterday I was sitting down to type out my first post in this series, so having come round full circle feels both strange and like an accomplishment to me. I'm glad I've been able to stick to this monthly round up of happy things each month on the blog, and I'm … Continue reading Joyful Moments: December


The Colour Of Christmas

Poinsettias personify Christmas for me. Their beautiful rich, warm red leaves, and the dark, emerald green shades of the foliage surrounding them are so perfectly comforting and festive, that I can't go a single year without buying an annual poinsettia come December. There is something both uplifting and welcoming about seeing this bright plant on … Continue reading The Colour Of Christmas

Winter Sun

Early winter mornings are often the hardest for most. They can be cold, dark and not as inviting as the warm, summer mornings that have gone before. However, sometimes you wake to see a gentle sunrise on the horizon, pale blue skies stretching out ahead of you and the hint of some sun overhead. Mornings … Continue reading Winter Sun