Head In The Clouds




The photos I’m sharing today are personal favourites of mine. While out and about around Cumbria, earlier in July, Mum had pulled over to have a few moments to rest in a lay-by which bordered this beautiful green field, with mountains in the distance and the most gorgeous blue skies overhead. I was in awe, and I had to get out of the car and spend a good few moments taking photos before we carried on our way. I love how the different shapes in the sky moved from one moment to the next, and how blue the sky was that day too. The second image in this set almost reminds me of a dragon emerging from the clouds, so I thought these were the perfect photos to share for this week’s (Almost) Wordless Wednesday.

Linking up with the lovely Sue for (Almost) Wordless Wednesday.

Hope you’re all having a great week so far!




8 thoughts on “Head In The Clouds

  1. Kerri says:

    A dragon! I can see that. One of those Chinese dragons, with the really long bodies.

    You know Tasha, you never fail to make me smile with your posts. Every time I read you words and look at your photos, I am reminded time and time again that it’s the little things in life that make it good. It’s these gorgeous clouds, it’s the bright blue sky, it’s the simplicity of pulling over in your car and just enjoying that moment there and then. Thank you for that. Thank you for reminding me of that fact, every single day.

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