Bathed In Gold Light

DSCN5934 DSCN5933

The view from my window is a good one. It stretches out over the village and even allows me to glimpse the coastline, and when the sun begins to set it lights the surrounding trees and houses up with golden light, and the weekend just gone was no exception for that. I love how all of the leaves and branches were contrasted beautifully against the evening sky in the first photo and in the second one the sun just happened to be sitting right over the top of the roofs, and I loved how calming it looked. Here’s hoping some of that calm feeds into the rest of the week for everyone.

Linking up with Sue for (Almost) Wordless Wednesday.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far.

P.S. – I apologise for not posting on Friday as I usually do, I wasn’t well enough to get a post out in time, so I apologise, but will be back up to speed next Monday! Until then I’ll be catching up with all of your blogs and hope you’re all doing well.




16 thoughts on “Bathed In Gold Light

  1. Louise says:

    Beautiful photos! My bedroom in my childhood home had a lovely view to the west and I miss being able to see the sunsets like I used to! Should get to see a few from the new house when we eventually live there though!

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  2. Kerri (@LifeAsUnusuals) says:

    What a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset!

    I was lucky in my trip back to the UK that the MIL’s house faces a really nice direction to the sunset as well. Although, not quite this good haha! I still had to hang out of the window a little bit to get the right angle haha.

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    • Natasha says:

      Awww, that sounds lovely! The perfect place to spot a sunset. I always have to hang out of the window, so don’t worry, haha, I end up having to contort myself into weird positions to get the best angle, haha! Thank you lovely. ❤


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