Flowers By The Port

I’ve written about Workington Port on this blog before and the little bit of calm it brings to the town, especially during the summertime. However, until about a week or so ago, I had only ever visited the Port during the day. So when Mum and I were passing through on our way home one evening, we decided to drive back by the Port, and I was so glad Mum suggested it, as the sunset was gorgeous that evening.

All of the beautiful flowers which have since been added in planters all along the fencing were lit up by the sun’s rays and the reflections on the water were stunning to see. I easily spent about half an hour just taking photos and standing by the railing, watching the sun go down. There was hardly anyone else around, save for a couple of other cars were were parked up admiring the sunset and one or two dog walkers, but other than that it was deathly quiet, with only the sound of the seagulls for company and the lapping of the water.

So I wanted to share the photos I took for this week’s final post, and as I took so many I’ve tried to pick my favourite but it’s always so hard when you want to share them all! I will simply let the photos speak for themselves, and hope they bring you all some end of the week calm, as they did for me.











This felt like the perfect photo to end this post on. Sunshine, the sound of the water and the flowers in the foreground.


Linking up with Jen for Photo Friday today.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourselves.




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