Seashells & Sandstone

There is definitely something to be said for living on the coast. For the longest time I was landlocked, living back down South around Buckinghamshire, and having to travel a good few hours or more to reach the seaside. So now, being so much closer to the beach, it means I try to get out to the coast as often as I possibly can, and the beginning of this week saw some gorgeous sunny spells as our heatwave came to an end, and not wanting to lose even a drop more of that sunshine, my Mum and I got out to explore the promenade and the beach at Maryport, and we weren’t disappointed.

This is quite a photo heavy post so I will keep the captions to a minimum.


The shoreline dotted all over with lots of bladderwrack seaweed. When the sunlight hits them just right, the different dark shades of green light up beautifully on these plants.


Looking Northwards along the coastal path, with the waves rolling in. In the top left-hand corner you can just see Dumfries & Galloway peeking in there.


It was beautifully warm on the Monday and the sunlight hitting the water created some lovely, sparkling scenes. I love just standing in the water, getting some sun and watching the patterns it creates on the surface of the water on days like these.


There were lots of periwinkles or winkles (I prefer periwinkles!) scuttling about on the sand at low tide. I had to be careful as I almost stepped on a few! There were plenty of other empty seashells for beachcombers like me left over from the tide though.


I loved the patterns on this rock, it was so smooth and was covered in lots of tiny little shells and stones as well. You can just see my Mum’s pink trainers in the background of this photo too, hehe!


All of these rocks which were scattered across the shore were not only immensely interesting to a bit of a geology nerd like me, but were also a lot of fun to walk across. They were so smooth! I believe these are all sandstone because of their lovely, red shade.


Just some more of those lovely red sandstone slabs, with their added hidden rockpools.


The view from the top of the promenade, looking West towards the lighthouse.


And the lovely, glittering seaside before heading home.

Linking up with Jen for Photo Friday.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend ahead of you!




16 thoughts on “Seashells & Sandstone

  1. Louise says:

    I’m very landlocked here – I rarely get to the coast as it takes a few hours to get there – so it’s always a treat for me to see the sea, even just in photographs. This looks like a great stretch of the coast, an interesting beach – bet it’s good for a bit of rock pooling or other interesting finds!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Natasha says:

      Awww, I used to be too so I feel your pain Louise! I’m glad you liked these photos though and hopefully you get a chance to get to the coast sometime soon as well! ❀ It is, there were a lot of seashells and interesting looking rocks and pebbles. I will go back at some point so will keep an eye out for anything!


  2. lostvestige says:

    I just adore the ocean! I live about four hours away to the nearest beach, which isn’t really that far, compared to the rest of the country, but far enough that we only visit a few times a year. I definitely wish I lived closer! These pictures are so pretty, I love all the interesting landscapes the seaside has to offer,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah @ Raiin Monkey says:

    Such pretty photographs! I love the coast; I wish I lived closer to a beach. I mean, Blackpool is about an hour away on the train from me but it would be so nice to live close to a quieter beach πŸ™‚ Maryport looks wonderful; how cool that you can see Scotland from the beach there! I love the red stone on the beach too with the little rockpools, they are such a beautiful colour. It’s also super awesome that you got to see the periwinkles! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

    Liked by 1 person

    • Natasha says:

      Thank you Sarah! I used to be landlocked so I do take advantage of it now. I love it too, it’s so nice to be able to spot it and ‘wave’ to the other side! πŸ˜€


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