Paper Hyacinths

With it being 30 Days Wild this month I wanted to attempt a papercraft which had a nod to the natural world, and when I found these paper hyacinths on One Little Project’s blog. You can find the full tutorial here. I knew I had to try making one for June to go along with this month’s wild project, and while my own little paper hyacinths look a bit more wild and curly than in the original tutorial, I am pleased with how these turned out.


I just used pastel coloured paper for this as I wanted to go for a blue hyacinth, and following the tutorial, cut strips into a section of blue paper, curled and then wrapped around a rolled section of green paper. The ‘leaves’ were then made following the same tutorial above, and then everything was glued into place with a prittstick – nice and simple!


I think my favourite thing about this DIY is the curling action that you have to do to get those twirly petals. It makes me want to try quilling, but I think I need a bit more patience and more time for that! In the original tutorial the hyacinths look a lot more tight and packaged than mine as I didn’t measure out the paper used so next time I need to follow the instructions more closely to get that exact look, so these are more inspired than exact replicas!


I loved making this, and I’m going to do more more in different colours as I reckon these would look great in a little vase as spring decorations, and they match along with this month’s wild-centric theme as I’m working through 30 Days Wild too. If you want to make some of these yourself then head over to One Little Project’s original post here for the full tutorial.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!




17 thoughts on “Paper Hyacinths

    • Natasha says:

      Thank you, this was a fun tutorial to try out and I loved the way it came out! A little wild compared with the original creator’s design, but still fun!


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