Joyful Moments: May

I have to confess that I have been feeling it lately.

With everything that has been happening all over the world, I have often felt hopeless and saddened. Sometimes the world feels unrecognisable, even though I know there is much that is good in the world, it has been getting me down recently. I know it may seem naive for me to hope for peace, love, compassion and unity, but I won’t stop wishing for them. So for me, compiling this month’s list felt both cathartic and important, as I know that we cannot stop pursuing change and spreading love to eachother, and I hope all of you are safe and well and that June brings with it for you all, peace, love, compassion and unity.

That’s my hope for you all at least, and I hope this list makes some of you smile at least too.

1. Solar Powered Flowers


My wonderful friend from university got me a solar powered flower at the end of my first year of uni and when I moved up to the Lake District my flower got damaged in the move so I had to replace it. You may remember from my old blog a little solar powered ladybug I had, which bobbed to and fro on my windowsill? Well, that one also got damaged, and I’ve only recently been able to replace it with this lovely sunflower one I found, which has been making me smile to no end. So much so I excitedly sent my friend a photo of it to show her!

2. Origami


I am a big origami enthusiast. I find it calming, fun and a great way to use as decorative pieces in my room and in DIY projects, and I have been running to it all month long to calm me and make me smile. This little dragonfly is one of my recent favourites, which I made at the beginning of May, and I will definitely be sharing more of the newer tutorials I’ve recently discovered here over the next few weeks. I’ve got plans to try and have a go at a turtle one I saw recently!

3. Ice Cold Lemonade


An ice cold drink on a hot evening like the ones we’ve been having recently are hard to beat. My favourite thing about this though is the way the bubbles rise to the top of the glass, and when you get the light just right such as in the photo above, it makes for some very visually pleasing photos. It’s the simple things.

4. Rediscovering Old Things


This scarf was a gift from one of my closest friends and I completely forget I had it until recently. As the weather has been warming up, I’ve been using these light scarves to layer over my outfits, and the hummingbird print on this black and white one has been in use a lot recently. I just love it, and I’m so glad I found it again! It also feels apt for June with 30 Days Wild being here finally.

5. Days Like These


I know I say it often, but I really do love this planet and all of it’s beauty and these hot, spring days always remind me I need to be thankful for all I have.

A Few Other Things I’ve Been Loving:

  • The Guest & It’s Soundtrack. I recently watched The Guest and while it definitely has that cult, thriller feel to it, which might take me another watch to really get my head around, I did really enjoy it. However, it was the soundtrack that got me. Ooh it’s so good! My favourite tracks are definitely Annie – Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version) and Love & Rockets – Haunted When the Minutes Drag. Well worth checking out if you like synthwave or 80’s darkwave.
  • Disney Remixes. Especially this one, and this one. There’s something genius about taking films and turning them into music just using the sounds from them, or layering over other music while using the films as the basis for them. This is something I first discovered when I came across a musician called Pogo when I found his Alice remix which is here. They’ve been making me smile a lot this past month.
  • Asking For It by Louise O’Neill. This book was tough to get through and it’s one that’s very jarring, but I got through this in two days, that’s how sucked into the storyline I was. It tackles a very tough subject including ones around consent, the criminal system and of course how such serious issues affect families, but I won’t spoil it. Perhaps not a ‘favourite’ as such but a book that will stay with me for a while and one which I think is well worth a read for all.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9. I love each and every season, but this one is so close! I just love how creative it is, and seeing the Queen’s create these amazing pieces, makeup and hairstyles each week is absolutely inspiring. I also love the confidence and the creativity it inspires in people, and the overall messages of embracing your own unique qualities and challenging the status quo and yourself. It’s a programme that I’ve felt so enchanted by ever since I was introduced to it a couple of years ago, and I’m so glad it exists, especially during these more difficult days. It’s a winking light in the darkness.

These are the little things that have been making me smile over the past month, and I would love to know what’s also been on your radar of happiness for May. With the current state of the world and recent events I think it’s important to share what we love, spread kindness and compassion and remember to replace fear with love, so my final favourite of the month is all of you. As always you leave me the kindest comments, and it keeps me going, so thank you.

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!




18 thoughts on “Joyful Moments: May

  1. Elsie LMC says:

    It is difficult not to let all of the horrible things happening in the world have a toll on how we feel.especially when they are so close to those we love. Like you said, posts and positive things like this are important so as to keep spreading happiness whenever possible. Your solar powered flower is so beautiful and peaceful!! 😍 I really got into “asking for it” by Louise O’Neill too! I think it was half because I could picture it happening in my surroundings as I don’t think I’ve read a book set in Ireland before and it was very hard to put down. Hope you have a lovely day! πŸ˜„πŸ’—

    Liked by 1 person

    • Natasha says:

      Thank you so much lovely, that means a lot, and I’m glad you liked this post! I do love the solar powered flowers, they just make me smile. Me too, it was just such a good but jarring book for me to read, and same here, it was so dark but one of those books that just gets under your skin. You too lovely!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Danielle Eskdale says:

    Some of my favorite types of posts, these! I literally made myself ill over the election and now it’s ‘all over’ things just don’t seem real. Then there’s all of the insane attacks and of course the idiot that is Trump with the whole climate change debacle. It’s enough to get anyone down 😦 I just wish there was more that we could do.

    Anyway I’m glad you have found the joyful moments ❀ We must cling to them!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Natasha says:

      I am the same Danielle, some days I don’t know whether to scream or cry at the news, it just doesn’t feel real sometimes. Especially with things like climate change and these terrorist attacks. Me too, sometimes I feel so helpless. But that’s why I try to inject some good back into the world by trying to share the good moments in the hopes it makes someone smile. So thank you. ❀


  3. Wife of a Gamer says:

    I also had one of those solar flowers, a daisy, but a cheap knock off one, which stopped working. I had it in my car to brighten it up.
    I love how positive you always are. Our region has had some very bad fires last week, displacing many people. I felt really bad for the animals, loads of them have been brought over to our SPCA. The humanitarian effort to bring the town back on it’s feet has been amazing to see. Reading your positive posts always help put a smile on my face and forget the worries of the world.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Natasha says:

      My last one went the same way as yours, it just stopped working, but then all of mine have been from the local pound shops, so that may be why! I’m glad they make you smile. Life is a bit difficult at the moment so I like to try and keep this blog a happy, uplifting place for that purpose.


  4. Tracy Terry says:

    Yes, with so much badness in the world at present it is sometimes difficult to find the joy there is to be had, to remember that there are good people out there. Such a perfect reflection of both in this post, thank you.

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  5. Mandy says:

    Fun fact. In the US, lemonade does not sparkle. 😦 It’s just lemon + sugar + tap water. Of course, I always get frustrated when I go to Europe and order lemonade and get Sprite or Mountain Dew. 😦 I have a German friend that makes fun of me because Sprite and Mountain Dew are, techinically, “lemonade”. *facepalm*

    I love your origami dragonfly and the idea of needing a scarf this late in the year. Where I live, it’s already in the 80s and 90s (F), so scarves are out of the picture. I’d love to have cooler days for a while longer, but I’m just not sure I could deal with any more snow than we already get (2-3 days tops most years).

    I’m not sure if it will make you feel better or not, but I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award on my blog. I’d love for you to participate if you are feeling up to it. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Natasha says:

      Haha, I didn’t know that, but I love it! If I’m ever in the US I’ll have to try some proper lemonade, as I imagine it’s lovely. My Mum once made some homemade pink lemonade (think I also commenced this on your blog too) and it was the best. Luckily it’s a thin scarf, as the past few days have been humid but cool, but I want some more scorchers really! πŸ˜€ Thank you so much for the blog award too, I will get it done as soon as I can!


    • Natasha says:

      It has, but I think with everyone feeling it it’s important to share the good things, like you said. Haha, get some ice cold lemonade, find a sunset, hold up your glass and you’ll get that same, iridescent effect!


  6. Jade @ Captured By Jade says:

    I understand the ‘not feeling it’ – waking up each day to something new and dreadful having happened. We’re in some hard times at the moment, but I think looking at the little positives in this way is more needed than ever now. For a good well now I’ve wrapped each day with a positive, noting it down in my journal, but I recently took to sharing them on my blog as a way of putting more positives out there.

    My son has one of those solar powered flowers (his grandparents got it for him) and whilst I do love watching it, it makes an awful lot of noise. Haha!

    I hope June is treating you well, Tasha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Natasha says:

      We are but I’m glad these types of posts can help put some smiles on someone’s face, even if it’s short-lived. Thank you for always leaving such lovely and kind comments for me Jade, it means a lot. ❀


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