Seashells & Sandstone

There is definitely something to be said for living on the coast. For the longest time I was landlocked, living back down South around Buckinghamshire, and having to travel a good few hours or more to reach the seaside. So now, being so much closer to the beach, it means I try to get out … Continue reading Seashells & Sandstone


The Golden Hour

There is something magical about the 'golden hour'. That inbetween time when the sun is just starting to set, the birds are still singing in their trees as dusk descends, and the evening is still sultry and warm. I was out a few nights ago and passing by the fields that surround the local town … Continue reading The Golden Hour

Scenes of Summer

Over the past week the UK has been bathing in a gorgeous but sweltering heatwave. Up here in the Lake District the humidity in the air created near rainforest conditions, especially up in the forested areas near Whinlatter and Dodd Wood, while along the coastline it's been bright sunshine and blue skies with just the … Continue reading Scenes of Summer

Meadow Bright

Wildflower meadows come to life during the springtime, but as the grass grows and we move into summer they take on a charm all of their own as many of the flowers begin to die off and the grasses take over. While I adore visiting these types of fields when they're in full bloom, my … Continue reading Meadow Bright

Masters Of The Sky

Nothing screams summer to me more than seagulls circling the clouds, soaring on the warm, summer thermals, wheeling, diving and generally owning the skies around town. The photos in the collage above were all taken while I was out around sunset and I was watching the seagulls fighting over food they'd found, chasing eachother through … Continue reading Masters Of The Sky