Paper Beetles!

My current favourite thing to make are these origami/paper beetles. I’ve been wanting to make some more bugs for a while now, after I first made the little bee which you can see in the header image above, and when I searched for some new tutorials online I found a whole treasure trove of them!


The two bottom images on the left and right both use this standard cicada base, which is really simple and easy to make. I wanted to use patterned paper as I think it looks quite effective with origami, and I made the wings on the purple/pink one bend outwards further so they had some difference to eachother. I just think they look very cute on the wall together!

The centre beetle used this base and then I added the antennae and the legs separately using folded and rolled pieces of paper, so this one isn’t strictly origami, but more of a papercraft piece. I love those long horned beetles you get in Asia, which are usually dark with white spots, but I settled for some floral spring patterned paper for this one!  I love how it turned out.

The final top two beetles both use this base, but they both look different due to the size of paper I used. For the first ‘map’ beetle I just folded it up and left as is because I used an old map for this one and liked how it looked without any embellishment. The second, more colourful one I added the colours to, to make it look more like a jewel beetle, which often come in a bright array of colours.

I’m really pleased with how these all turned out, and I like the idea of taking general origami bases and adding embellishment to them as well. These are all now sitting on my wall with my bunting and they’ve definitely brought spring into my room!

Linking up with Sarah for Make It Monthly today.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!




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