Lilac Blooms


The first few lilac flowers have just started blooming outside and when this happens I know it won’t be long before those sultry summer evenings are here. Thinking back to last year I loved wandering out into the garden, listening to the birds singing and watching the sun set while standing beneath this very lilac tree, and those hazy summer evenings are going to be a welcome return after these past few months! Until then I am on lilac tree watch and I’m sure when the rest of the flowers have bloomed I’ll have a whole host of photos to share, but for now I’m content to admire the sunset beneath the leaves.

Linking up with Sue for (Almost) Wordless Wednesday.

Hope you’re all having a good week so far.




12 thoughts on “Lilac Blooms

  1. mumundone says:

    Did you see we’ve had the 7th driest April since they started keeping records! Its been such a gorgeous spring time!! As this is my first spring in Cumbria I had really hoped this was the normal… but apparently not! Hope you are having a fab sunny Weds! X X

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    • Natasha says:

      Ooh, no I didn’t! Thanks for letting me know lovely! It has, it’s been so lovely. Awww, I hope you’re enjoying it. Spring is Cumbria is lovely. It wasn’t too bad last year, but it has been drier this time around.


  2. aandj8804 says:

    If you’re ready for summer, you should come visit the south US. We are already facing 90 degree days. 😦 Of course, like you said, that makes the evenings magical. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing your lilacs after they have had a little more time to bloom. πŸ™‚

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    • Natasha says:

      I would love to! πŸ˜€ Oh my gosh, that’s so hot! It does, there’s something nice about sultry evenings, but I have to confess I’ve not had 90 degree days for a good while! They’ve pretty much bloomed now so I’ll have some photos on the way!


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