Blue Skies on the Horizon

I’ve been meaning to share these photos for a long time now! I took these earlier in the year when the first signs of spring were just beginning to show themselves and I was amazed at how gorgeous the skies were on this particular evening. The sky was a beautiful powder blue, and the sun was already quite low in the sky so it set off that blue shade beautifully, especially with the wispy clouds high in the skies there too. There was a real sense of calm when I was taking these photos too. The birds were singing, but that was the only sound on the breeze, everything else seemed to stand still, it was bliss.

I won’t write anymore here as I want these photos to speak for themselves, but I hope you find the same sense of calm I did while I was taking these, especially as we head into another weekend, which is hopefully just as bright and sunny as it has been recently.






Linking up with Jen for Photo Friday.

Have an amazing weekend!




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