The Blogger Recognition Award

So this is the final tag post I was behind with from about a month ago, and I thought I'd get it out now so I've been able to share them all, as I'm going on a brief blogging hiatus over the next week as I've got a busy few days ahead. So of course, … Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award


The Uniquely Me Tag!

I've been tagged by the lovely Jasmine from Thoughts From Jasmine in another tag post today, all about what makes us different and unique. I haven't come across this tag before, and I love the idea behind it, so I'm excited to share some more of myself with you all today! As always don't forget … Continue reading The Uniquely Me Tag!

Lilacs In Bloom

It has finally come to that time of the year when the lilac tree has finally bloomed! I always get excited about this because as soon as the first few blooms appear on the tree I know that spring and therefore summer are not far away, and with spring being my favourite season, it's always … Continue reading Lilacs In Bloom

Paper Beetles!

My current favourite thing to make are these origami/paper beetles. I've been wanting to make some more bugs for a while now, after I first made the little bee which you can see in the header image above, and when I searched for some new tutorials online I found a whole treasure trove of them! … Continue reading Paper Beetles!

Lilac Blooms

The first few lilac flowers have just started blooming outside and when this happens I know it won't be long before those sultry summer evenings are here. Thinking back to last year I loved wandering out into the garden, listening to the birds singing and watching the sun set while standing beneath this very lilac … Continue reading Lilac Blooms