Joyful Moments: March

March has been a busy but fun-filled month and I’m hoping that April brings with it even more opportunity and fun! This time of year is always a good tipping point for the year of the months ahead, as spring is now here and the prospect of warmer days and lighter evenings approaches. I find it’s a real mood booster as the lack of sunlight in the evenings can often be a bit of a contributing factor to those January and February blues I often encounter, so I’m thankful for the lighter mornings we’ve already been getting, and I can’t wait for the rest of the world’s plants and flowers to unfurl their blooms and leaves too!

1. A Wedding & A Mini Reunion


At the beginning of March I was able to go and see one of my oldest and closest friends (thanks to my very kind grandparents) get married, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do it. I had grand plans to try and run round and see everyone while I was back down South, but time and travel being what they are, meant I ran out of time, but it’s set a fire under me and reminded me I need to save up and travel back down in the near future for more reunions! As I’ve already shared many of my favourite things about the wedding in my previous post, I’m putting my favourite item on the menu as my first joyful moment this month; a very yummy Eton Mess!

2. My Horse Throw


It’s slowly but surely getting warmer here in the Lakes, but it’s still fairly chilly in the evenings so my trusty horse throw, which I’ve had for years, is keeping me cosy until then. I still adore the print on it and it will soon be folded up and put away for summer, so I’m enjoying having it on my bed for the time being.

3. Sunlit Mornings


Waking up to these glowing curtains instead of darkness does wonderful things for my mood, especially with the birds singing outside.

4. Make It Happen


These pencils were a gift from one of my closest friends, Lauren, and the motto on them reminds me to seize the day each morning, but recently just using them and seeing these little silver letters is a good reminder of what I’m capable of and inspires me, so I’ve been using them almost every day for a mood boost!

5. Cute Sweet Treats


My Mum found these in the local shop as Easter is approaching and bought me one home to cheer me up and seeing it sat next to my little hamster made me smile a lot.

A Few Other Things I’ve Been Loving:

  • Doctor Strange. I’m a big Marvel fan (but I do love DC too) so when I heard they were making Doctor Strange I had to do a little bit of research as it was one of the superheroes I didn’t know too much about, but it’s one that has quickly become a firm, new favourite. It had all the elements of a good Marvel film, despite a few reservations about some of the casting choices based on the comics, but I really loved it and the final scene after the credits made me scream with joy for future films and the general Avengers storyline!
  • Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven. I picked this up on a whim at my local library and I loved it. It’s funny, bittersweet and made my heart happy. It’s also very clever in the way it dealt with some very complex issues around body image and mental health, with two very strong lead characters. Definitely well worth a read!
  • The Studio Killers’ album. It’s just so good. Almost all of the tracks make me want to get up and dance, but in particular, Funky At Heart, which is a favourite of mine, followed by Friday Night Gurus and In Tokyo. Pure, poppy, tongue-in-cheek, club fun but it’s just so good! It reminds me of the kind of thing I used to put on while I was getting ready to go out with my friends at uni!
  • Spring. Watching the crocuses and daffodils slowly lining the hedgerows. Seeing the rabbits come out of hiding. Spotting song thrushes and the sparrows flitting around. And the brief but beautiful rainbow which lit up the sky last week too, which is my featured image for today’s post.

As always, please let me know what’s been making you feel joyful this month including any recommendations you have for me.

Hope you’re all having a truly wonderful weekend!




8 thoughts on “Joyful Moments: March

  1. gotmeghan says:

    I like it!! I really love the picture of the rainbow. That’s kind of on my photography bucket list is to one day capture a rainbow!! And I would love to try a Eton Mess since I know what it is! I’m weird I know lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Natasha says:

      Thank you! I’ve got a few photos of rainbows, but I don’t see them as often as I’d like, so whenever one is in the sky I rush to get my camera out! πŸ˜€ Eton Mess is lovely, so nice!

      Liked by 1 person

      • gotmeghan says:

        Hahaha! You’re welcome! We don’t normally have any around where I live, we once saw a double rainbow that my dad basically whisked me out of my bedroom to show me! It was pretty but I was like next time, just take my camera! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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