Joyful Moments: February

February has been a whirlwind month with a lot of ups and downs and uncertainty, but the latter part of the month has seen some of these being wrapped up and I now have some nice things to look forward to in the beginning of March, which I am certain I will blog about at some point in the near future. Change seems to be the word of the month for me in my part of the world at the moment, which is fine, but always brings its own challenges. So I am trying to take it all in without letting stress and anxiety take hold, while being excited to see where March takes me, and I hope February has been kind to you all too!

1. New Life


Mum planted this lemon pip around the start of the year, and already the seedling has sprouted and filling the kitchen window ledge with it’s pretty greenery. Coming down to see the tiny bits of progress on this plant each day is a reminder of the warmer months ahead and the promise of good things to come.

2. Orange Juice


Yes, orange juice. Something incredibly simple, but a drink that’s been seeing me through the month. I haven’t felt my best over the past few weeks, a combination of general life stresses and me not taking the best care of myself so having some ice cold (despite the chilly temperatures here) orange juice to hand has been a real lifesaver this month.

3. Friendly Faces


Stopping by the port here in Workington always means there’s a chance to say hello to the resident wildlife, and spots throughout February meant lots of lovely ducks and oyster catchers! However, despite my best efforts, I still haven’t been able to get a decent shot of the oyster catchers, so hopefully I can get one for next month’s post!

4. Surprise Parcels from Penpals


This beautiful bird necklace and this lovely little gemstone came from the wonderful Kezzie who always sends me the nicest things. I’d not had the best week when this arrived, so seeing the parcel and opening it to find these little treasures inside was the highlight of my week, so a big thank you to Kezzie!

5. A Golden Garden


I’ve moved rooms so I now overlook the back, facing the garden which has meant I’ve been able to watch it change colour as the sun sets, and this particular sunset was beautiful to watch. The resident bushes lit up gold, and I could hear our starlings chirping away overhead – a lovely way to end the month!

A Few Other Things I’ve Been Loving:

  • The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. Holly black is one of my favourite authors. The first book I read by her was called Valiant and revolved around the fae in an urban setting, so lots of magic and mystery mixed up with teenage angst and urban landscapes, and this current book I’m reading of hers follows a similar pattern, but think a rural town somewhere in the States with a lavish forest filled with fae creatures and that is this books aesthetic.
  • I, Daniel Blake. Ken Loach’s latest film was both difficult to watch and inspiring. I know all too well the DWP and benefits system from my own personal experience and the film highlights several issues with the system as well as looking at the hope and pride of local communities and the kindness of strangers. Highly recommended!
  • Love by Lana Del Rey. I really like Lana Del Rey, and I don’t think there’s a single song of hers I don’t like. She always manages to make me feel nostalgic and relaxed and her new single, Love, is no different. The music video for the track is also lovely, and it’s a song I’ve been humming in the shower and all around the house every day since I’ve heard it. A real earworm!
  • Cryptozoology, or more importantly, Eachy! I just discovered recently that there were reports of a lake monster being sited around Windermere and Bassenthwaite Lake back in 1873 and as late as 1973. Of course, there have been scientists who have had a look around the area and found nothing, but cryptozoology is still fun to keep up to date with, and it fuels the imagination and of course is always fun to believe that there is a little bit of mystery still left in the world.

(If the title of these posts looks a little different it’s because I decided on a mini name change for these. I felt Happy Moments was fine, but didn’t encompass how I wanted to look back over the month, whereas joyful, I think, captures what I was going for much better.)

So these are the things which have been making me smile this month. As always, please let me know what’s made you joyful throughout the month, and I hope you’re all well and enjoying your weekends whatever you’re doing! I’ve got a few tag and awards posts which I’ve already written but will be spacing out over the next few weeks so I don’t overload you all with posts, but they are coming!




10 thoughts on “Joyful Moments: February

  1. Kel says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve not had the best of months, but hope things are taking a more positive turn for you now!
    There’s very little in the world better than good, cold orange juice! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Natasha says:

      Thank you Kel ❀ It's been an odd month, but I'm staying positive and looking forward to March and some good things on the way! And I hope the same for you too! πŸ˜€


  2. Jade @ Captured By Jade says:

    Sorry to hear February wasn’t the greatest month for you, but glad to hear there has been some turn around – I hope you have a lovely March!

    The golden garden looks lovely, and isn’t it nice to receive post that isn’t a bill or some other mundane thing – sounds like the beautiful gift came at just the right time also.

    I like joyful moments as a series title.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Natasha says:

      Thank you Jade! Yes, it’s always nice to receive some nice post, especially when it’s a surprise like the one from Kezzie was! Thank you for your kind words too, and yes I much prefer joyful moments. πŸ™‚


  3. Kezzie says:

    mMmm, fresh orange juice is lovely!
    Glad you liked the necklace- I saw it when I was buying a few other things and it was in the sale and since I was already paying the postage, it seemed silly not to.
    The quartz I found on the beach in Yorkshire! I got quite a few pieces!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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