Rising Mists

Towards the end of January I was able to watch a beautiful sunrise, accompanied by some stunning low cloud cover over the mountains just outside Cumbria. I had to be up much earlier than I usually am, as my family and I were heading out for the day, so it was lovely to wake up to these scenes as the sun began to rise. With it being nice and early the mountains were coated in lots of low cloud cover, which was moving steadily across the ridges as we started off on our journey. I was thankful for the winter sunshine as it was a very chilly start to the day and as the sun began to rise and the fog gently lifted, it was beautiful to see the mists around the mountains rise off the peaks.


Watching the sun slowly cresting the rise of the mountains was extremely calming. With all of that low cloud cover over them, I almost mistook it for snow the first time they came into view! I loved the light rays the fog created as the sun rose as well; against the blue of the sky it was a lovely colour combination.


This is my favourite photo of the morning that I managed to get. It reminds me of steam coming off of a volcano! At this point the sun was beginning to appear over the horizon, and as it caught the side of the mountain it lit up the clouds which were still cloaking one side, causing these lovely golden rays to flank the side of the mountain.


Then as the sun began to rise higher in the sky and the morning wore on the colours coming through the clouds were beautiful to see. There was still a lot of cloud cover around and it was fairly chilly, but this sunrise took me right back to summertime, especially with those golden rays high in the sky.


The surrounding trees were still bare and gave a very stark contrast to the blue skies above them, but as the sun rose higher it created these amazing shadows on the road and the sun hit the tarmac beautifully. Definitely worth the very early start!


Finally the skies began to clear as the sun finally rose high into the sky, settling into place for the day ahead, and for a while there was blue sky as far as the eye could see. Then I noticed these big cloud fronts moving in, that we were heading into, but the peak of the mountain in the background was pretty to spot before they closed in, and I loved that flash of blue and sunshine in-between the clouds there.


In the end, the big cloud front I’d spotted in the morning eventually moved over us, and the rest of the day passed with blue skies and winter sunshine, which was a nice change from the last few days which had been grey and cloudy. Coming back home, I loved the way the sun was shining through the trees here. Now that winter is almost nearing its end and the promise of spring is on the breeze my mind is already turning to warmer weather and I can’t wait for the trees to get their greenery back!

Linking up with Jen for Photo Friday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




31 thoughts on “Rising Mists

  1. Ruth says:

    It looks like fire is coming from behind the mountain! These photos have kind of a surreal feeling. You are really good at capturing the rawness of nature. Love it! #PhotoFriday

    Liked by 1 person

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