Flamingo Pink Skies

Last weekend the skies put on a show. It had been an exceptionally warm day for early February so I wasn’t surprised when, as the day came to a close, the skies lit up. I knew I was in for another beautiful sunset when a hint of dusky pink began to appear on the horizon, so I grabbed my camera as quickly as I could and got some photos.

As the sun set, these beautiful streaks of flamingo pink cloud formed in the sky and as the sun dipped below the horizon the colours really came to life. There were darker, coral pinks and dusky pinks mixed in together, and set against the pale blue evening sky, it was stunning to see. Seagulls were lazily drifting on the breeze and in the far distance I could just make out the sea towards the West, which looked beautifully calm as the day ended.

I stood watching the sunset for a good while, just taking in the colours and relaxing, watching the clouds roll in as the sun Β dipped below the horizon and the sky settled to a more grey/blue scene. It’s amazing what a few moments outside can do to settle your nerves after a busy week, so I thought I would share these photos here in the hopes it gives all of you reading that same sense of calm too, as we head into the weekend.







In my ideal world I’d end each week with a sunset as colourful as this.

Linking up with Β Jen for Photo Friday.

Hope you’re all well and you’ve had a good week!




14 thoughts on “Flamingo Pink Skies

  1. Ruth says:

    I really like how you described the sky as being “flamingo pink.” That is so sweet! But, really, who can get tired of taking sunset photos when the colors are so vivid and varied. Hope you keep getting more warm days! #PhotoFriday

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    • Natasha says:

      Yes they’re lovely! As far as I understand it, the colours in a sunset or sunrise are all caused by the way small particles and air molecules change the direction of light, scattering the light rays from the sun which results in different colour combinations. At least that’s what I remember from uni! πŸ™‚


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