Decorative Origami Map Heart

I made this little decorative origami map heart over the weekend, and with it being Valentine’s Day tomorrow I thought it was only appropriate to share it for this week’s crafty post, and it uses one of my favourite things – maps! If you’ve been with me for a while now you may have seen me writing about my love for cartography over on my old blog. I love them. Most likely because I’m a geographer at heart, but also because I think they’re pleasing to look at, are exceptionally useful and are incredibly interesting, especially if you get to look at some of the more historical maps too.


So I thought a decorative origami map heart, on a wooden craft stick, with a yarn bow would look cute on my desk, as well as being seasonally appropriate. This took me minutes to make and you can use any kind of material you want.

All You Need Is:

  • Some coloured card/paper/origami paper for the heart
  • Patterned paper (depending on if you want to cover the heart, or unless your original origami heart isn’t already made using patterned paper)
  • A wooden craft stick / something to attach the heart too (could also use string and hang these as well)
  • Yarn or Ribbon for the bow
  • PVA Glue


There are lots of different ways to fold an origami heart, but this tutorial is quick and easy, and the one that I followed. So, first I made an origami heart using the tutorial I mentioned, with some yellow card so it would give the heart some stability and the glue wouldn’t sink through when I attached the map pieces. Then I simply cut out two pieces of an old map of Cumbria I had to cover the front of the heart, and glued those down using PVA.

(I found it easiest to draw around the outline of the origami heart on the underside of my map first before cutting out the pieces. This way, I could make sure the heart was covered perfectly.)

I then left those to dry, before attaching to the wooden craft stick using some PVA again, and a tiny strip of paper over the back of the craft stick to hold it in place, but you could also dab a tiny bit of superglue to make it firmer. Then I took a small length of yarn and simply just tied it around the bottom of the heart for some decoration, and that’s it!


I’m quite pleased with how this turned out, and it looks very cute in my jar on my desk. I think these would work well as a centerpiece for a table too if you went with more traditional colours for Valentine’s Day, but I think these will work anytime of the year, especially if you go with seasonal decorations. You could easily make these using more festive colours come Easter, Halloween and Christmas too, and if you wanted, you could attach string or ribbon to the top and hang these instead of attaching them to craft sticks too.

Linking up with Sarah for Make It Monthly this week.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and I wish you all an equally lovely Valentine’s Day, whatever you’re doing!




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