Little Emerald Toucanet

I shared this little watercolour over on Facebook about a week ago and knew I had to share it here too. As you know, by now, I love wildlife, especially birds, and whenever I'm looking for inspiration my mind general goes straight to the natural world. I've already done a fair few paintings of toucans … Continue reading Little Emerald Toucanet


Rising Mists

Towards the end of January I was able to watch a beautiful sunrise, accompanied by some stunning low cloud cover over the mountains just outside Cumbria. I had to be up much earlier than I usually am, as my family and I were heading out for the day, so it was lovely to wake up … Continue reading Rising Mists

Sunshine After Rain

My Mum's blinds always create some interesting shape and light displays when the sun is shining, but when it's raining, it's even better. The combination of sun and rain creates some amazing photo opportunities, wherever you are, and the promise of a rainbow sighting always gets me reaching for my camera, but when the sunshine … Continue reading Sunshine After Rain