Golden January Skies

Starting off 2017 with a beautiful sunset is a pretty good way to start a year, don’t you think? So I was very happy to look out of window and be greeted with this on the first day of the year. So I grabbed my camera and headed outside for some relaxed skywatching.


It was nice and quiet outside as everyone was relaxing after Christmas so I was able to come outside and quietly watch the birds as they soared across the sky.


It was so relaxing and just what was needed after the rush of Christmas.


I loved the way the sky turned this beautiful gold as the sun began to sink below the horizon, and the clouds were lit up with these beautiful, golden colouring.


The starlings were perching on the aerials and weather waves along the rooftops, watching the skyline change.


I could quite easily have stood here and watched the sky change colour for hours, as this golden hue descended over the horizon. A beautiful way to start what will hopefully be a good year.

Thank you skies for these beautiful scenes!

Have a wonderful weekend!




18 thoughts on “Golden January Skies

  1. Kate says:

    These skies are glorious! There’s something fascinating about how the sky changes so much as it sets and rises. You’ve captured the golden light so beautifully. What a start to the new year. Have a brilliant one Tasha.
    Kate xx

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  2. aandj8804 says:

    Beautiful sunset images! I hate the winter because I’m always driving home as the sun is setting thinking to myself “Dang! I wish I had my camera with me!” But, obviously, because I’m headed home from work, I don’t. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Natasha says:

      Oh I hate it when that happens – I’ve done that so many times coming home from my last job, I couldn’t take my camera for security reasons, so I missed several sunsets, gah!


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