New Year’s Day Starlings

I was lucky enough to spot these lovely starlings on the telephone pole wires outside our house on the first day of the year, and took it as a good sign for the month ahead. These chattering and friendly birds are always flying about outside and I can often hear them moving about in the eaves of the house above my head whenever I go to sleep, so seeing them all happy and chirpy on the first day of the year must be a good thing, surely?

Linking up with the lovely Sue for (Almost) Wordless Wednesday today.

Hope you’ve all had a nice, relaxed start to the year.




8 thoughts on “New Year’s Day Starlings

  1. lifeasunusuals says:

    Look at those cuties! I wish I had more birds around our home, but we live far too close to the main road for them to want to by. But, it’s a good excuse to get out and look for them instead!

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    • Natasha says:

      Thank you Kerri! I never used to spot them that often back down South but up here they’re abundant! Thanks for stopping by here too, I’ll be over to reply to blog comments properly soon! πŸ™‚


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